KOREA UNIVERSITY Global Leadership Development Center

I have high hopes that Korea University's Global Leadership Development Center will become a center of innovation for training talented Korea University students determined to enter the global arena.

Greetings. I am Yeom Jaeho, the President of Korea University. With the explosive growth of information technology in recent years, it is clear that we are living in times of rapid change. In the 21st Century, new global leaders will be required to face the challenges involved in dealing with the volatile nature of future generations. Therefore, I feel anew that the Global Leadership Development Center will play a pivotal role in the cultivation of knowledge and ability in our students. It is vital that Korea University students are passionate and strong-willed as they start their international activities, and possess a strong sense of responsibility and consideration towards others. The systematic educational programs of the Global Leadership Development Center, as well as strong national and international networks, will provide our students the competitive edge needed to be successful global leaders. In particular,

I hope that the Global Leadership Development Center will help in achieving something in which Korea University is greatly interested in: a balance between "out-bound students" who are going abroad and "in-bound" international students who are coming to further their education in Korea. We must not only ensure that students wishing to go abroad will receive assistance, but also that international students will want to study at Korea University. We must let the world know about the merits unique to Korea University through this balance between "outbound" and "inbound" students.

I am confident that the Global Leadership Development Center will aid in the emergence of global leaders of both a national and international character, and will establish itself as a first-rate global leadership institute. I wish for your interest and support for the Global Leadership Development Center and its new goals.

Yeom Jaeho, Ph.D.
President of Korea University