KOREA UNIVERSITY Global Leadership Development Center

Korea University is committed to fostering and promoting dynamic global leaders. The goal of the Global Leadership Development Center is to assist students in developing the fundamental and relevant skills that a global leader must possess in the 21st century. 

Korea University's Global Leadership Development Center is focused on supporting students' growth into capable and passionate leaders with a personal drive to succeed, and assist in facilitating these new skills in order for Korea University students to become responsible and respected global leaders.

The Global Leadership Development Center offers diverse programs which enable both undergraduate and graduate students to obtain the necessary skills for leadership through the Global Leadership School, Special Lecture Series, Global Leaders' Round Table, overseas internships, and academic student conferences.

Global leaders have clear goals, possess cultural sensitiveness and respect, and demonstrate forward-looking perspectives.
Global Leaders have a broad and deep knowledge of diverse issues and are able to confront matters related to society and culture, politics, international relations, economics, law, and business.
Global leaders must possess the skills to communicate effectively, solve contemporary problems, be flexible, passionate, and interact well with and have respect for others. 
Global leaders are experienced in dealing with diverse information and communication approaches through participation in leadership development programs such as overseas internships and academic student conferences.