KOREA UNIVERSITY Global Leadership Development Center

Academic Student Conferences

The Global Leadership Development Center (GLDC) offers Korea University students with the opportunity to acquire global leadership knowledge, skills, and valuable experiences through participation in various academic student conferences both within Korea and internationally. For those students who have been accepted to participate in these conferences, the GLDC offers assistance by providing partial financial support and necessary guidance. In addition, the GLDC organizes informal sessions where students can network with other students who have already participated in these conferences and assists them to be better prepared in order to fully take advantage of the benefits of these academic conferences.

1. On Campus Student Conference

This annual conference is co-hosted by the Korea University Division of International Studies (KUDIS), United Nations Development Program/Global Environment Facility Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem Project (UNDP/GEF YSLME Project), and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). KMUN, a conference known for its tradition of excellence and leading spirit of innovation, provides students the ability and the experience to learn how international organizations such as the UN functions. Participants will take on roles as representatives of each member nation in the UN or other international organizations, and will discuss relevant global or regional issues with other participants through speeches, debates, and negotiations. In addition, Korea University also hosts Model G20 and Model UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in collaboration with YTN. KMUN provides students with the opportunities to develop and acquire diplomatic capacities and negotiating skills that are fundamental in global leaders.

KMUN Website : http://www.kmun.net

2. Off Campus Student Conferences

Model UN in Korea
The Model United Nations in Korea is a national conference held by the UN Association of Republic of Korea, and sponsored by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Korea International Cooperation Agency. This four-day conference is held during the summer with over 400 university faculty and student participants. The GLDC and the Political Science and International Relations Department will select qualified students to take part in this conference. Upon selection, the eight award recipients will be provided with the opportunity to participate in the UN Conferences at New York and Geneva and will receive additional credits when taking the JPO Test. In addition, award recipients will be provided with partial financial support.

Website : http://www.unarok.org

Hwarangdae Collegiate Forum on National Security

Hwarangdae Collegiate Forum on National Security is an annual forum for currently enrolled university students organized by the Korea Military Academy and the student's respective host university. The purpose of this forum is to increase student's interest and awareness on national security issues, by facilitating and encouraging increased understanding of Korean military and national security issues in Korea. Selected participants will submit his/her proposal according to their chosen subject and prepare their presentation materials before the forum followed by a discussion.
The winners of the grand prize at the forum will be given an opportunity for an overseas experience related to security issues. Those who wish to participate in this forum should apply to the Global Leadership Development Center.

*Website : http://club.cyworld.com/anbo07


The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) is a student operated forum hosted by Harvard University that invites students, economists, politicians, and professors, and debates on various issues related to international politics, economics, business, culture, community, environment and other topics relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. HPAIR targets to educate future leaders and establish human networking through active exchange of opinions and information among students.

The program is held twice a year during the summer and winter vacation period, and the main programs consist of general discussions, panels, and workshops. The GLDC plays a role in selecting scholarship students out of those approved for HPAIR and provides partial reimbursement for students attending the conference. Further, the GLDC prepares meetings for all HPAIR members that have participated in the program.

* HPAIR Website : http://www.hpair.org/

World Model UN

The Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) is an annual traveling Model United Nations conference for college students run by Harvard undergraduates and a team from a local university from the host city. The WorldMUN conference moves to a new international city each year and attracts over 2,000 university students from more than 60 countries, making it the largest traveling collegiate-level Model UN conference in the world.
This week-long conference combines committee sessions during the day along with social and cultural events in the evenings. Student delegates within various committees participate actively with students from all over the world, and are provided with significant experiences in diplomacy, leadership, and collaboration. The GLDC selects students for the WorldMUN Conference after an initial screening and interview process, and those selected will be provided with partial financial support.

*WORLDMUN Website : http://www.worldmun.org/